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Picking on Rush Limbaugh

July 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Ok, I couldn’t help myself. All of this coverage on the new Batman movie, the Aurora, CO shootings, and the mass hysterical reaction to the whole thing is quite an insight into how politics and the media works. A perfect example of this is the partisan radio host Rush Limbaugh.  In my previous post, I mentioned how Rush Limbaugh was quoted before the movie was released as saying,  “Do you think that it is accidental that the name of the really vicious fire-breathing four-eyed whatever it is villain in this movie is named Bane?” He was speaking of Mitt Romney’s company Bain, which has been a democratic chanting point in this election. according the the Washington Examiner, some democrats were hoping the subliminal message would be that Bane (Bain) is evil and the superhero is good, again without context that Bane was a character almost 20 years before this election.

Now, Rush has come out saying Batman is more like Romney. He points out the fact that Batman is rich and fighting someone who doesn’t look as desirable and then compares them to people protesting in the Occupy Wall Street movement. He then later in the show goes back and says he still think it was a setup for the Obama campaign. What I find amazing is in the Washington Examiner, senior editorial writer Philip Klein had already made that statement days earlier. So it would appear that not only can Rush NOT make up his mind, he didn’t even have an original opinion on the matter.

I know it is Rush’s job to pick on the left and make the right look all lofty and mighty. It is the source of his ratings, and I’m sure at his core he believes only some of what he is saying. In order to build his radio show and to author books and build his brand, he must have at least some intelligence. What I hate is it is another example of where perhaps stepping away from the partisan politics at least on this subject makes the most sense in light of the recent events. Maybe Rush should wield his audience for good by starting a Rush Limbaugh Aurora Colorado victims fund that he could jump-start with a donation of his own and allow his audience to contribute as well. Those kids left behind are going to need help. This would be a time to leave a subject rest and help those victims.

Sorry Rush, but the more you talk about Batman, the more of a fool you appear to be.


A Case of Shame On Everyone?

September 5, 2011 2 comments

I tweeted earlier today a video clip of Jimmy Hoffa Jr. It was the very first one that came across my Twitter feed. Here it is: Note – sorry I couldn’t get wordpress to like the embed code. You’ll have to follow the link, but I wanted to use the original clip I posted on Twitter.

So apparently FOX News did its usual thing and put as much spin as they could on this clip. They cut off the previous sentence to make it seem more “violent” according to

Now I posted the video knowing full well Mr. Hoffa wasn’t intending to tell people to go out and murder or maim any of the GOP politicians, even without the previous sentence. My point in posting it is that on both sides we seem to have forgotten our promise not to use the violent metaphors in regards to politicians. This is not to mean that you aren’t free to use them, but out of respect for Representative Giffords we were going to find other ways to phrase political and election disagreements.

The right wing media has already countered the editing job by pointing out more of Hoffa’s speech and its war metaphors.

So here’s the difficult question – what do we do? It seems that the “battle” metaphor is often appropriate in politics. So can we perhaps just make an effort to tone it down and be mindful of our speech. I think in this case Mr. Hoffa went over the line by saying “take these son of a bitches out.” Use the battle and war metaphors, but when it gets to the point of talking about the actual people, how about being more specific and saying we are going to use our votes and take charge or something similar. Let’s not leave any question in anyone’s mind as to what we mean when we say we are going to “take someone out.”

So shame on FOX News. And shame on Mr. Hoffa. I’d hope they would both apologize. I know neither will.