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How Fast Are We Going?

November 12, 2011 1 comment

Are we going so fast that we are missing out who these humans are that we interact with, both good and bad?

I’ve had a thought run through my head for many years that perhaps we aren’t meant to understand each other. There’s a metaphysical conceptual basis for this in the fact that we are all living in our own time bubble. Everyone else sees you as you were a few nanoseconds previous to how you are now. Maybe that tiny separation is what makes it impossible to truly understand one another.

But now I just wonder if we aren’t taking the time to do it. Perhaps we don’t have the time. Whatever the case, it seems we are missing the obvious. We jump to conclusions about who a person is. We make so many snap judgments. Sometimes we push someone away or think badly of someone too quickly. Or someone makes a mistake, perhaps early in a relationship and we have a tough time allowing that person to apologize. Or like in the Penn State case, there was a group of people that too easily trusted Sandusky. Perhaps if someone took the time to know him better, the victimization of those kids could have stopped sooner.

Are we making ¬†judgments too quickly of people, good and bad? And are we being less forgiving of the little things while more forgiving of the big things based on our selfish motives? Is it because we don’t take enough time to reflect on all of our human interactions? Maybe we need to take a little more time.

Thanks to Stephen Kellogg for making me thinking about our time here. “Long Days and Fast Years”