I am a dad of a 12 year-old autistic step-son and a 3 year-old daughter, husband, and graduate student working towards my MS in physics.  Minnesota born and raised.  I am trying to record my thoughts as a way to better form my opinions and hopefully learn a few things to make my world a little better.

Some people have asked for more detail on my positions and a reason why I would write a blog only my friends will read and why I would pollute their timelines of Facebook and Twitter with political speak.  My main reason is selfish – it is because it helps to reduce my stress.  Being a father, I fear for the future of my children.  I think that is natural for any parent.  By writing this blog, I feel like I am doing something.  If I open one mind to an option outside of a party-line thought, then perhaps the word will spread and my children’s will be better.

Where do I stand?  I guess to best 1-word summarize my stance, it is Libertarian.  I want more freedom for people, and I want common sense solutions to our problems.  Government is not the solution to many of our problems…it starts with us.

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